When it comes to make-up, I’m a “barely there” kind of gal, in that I usually just try and get away with not wearing anything at all. That is, until I look in the mirror later in the day and realise I look a little, um, yeah… in need of a little, help? but, and even though I’m generally a bit shit at being a girl, I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier. Pricier than lots of other brands, but the quality is amazing – you definitely get what you pay for. I’ve been using her Illuminating tinted moisturiser for a few years now – it’s my secret weapon/life saver, and appeals to the “5 minute make-up routine” in me (aka sort your shit out, quick).

As ever, I left the house sans make-up this morning, but I happened to be passing the LM counter in Selfridges and I thought I’d treat myself to a cheeky makeover (…see above). In the process, I discovered two brilliant products that’ll be perfect for travelling: dual-purpose, space saving, straight forward, and perfect for Christmas (nudge nudge)…

The first is the Undercover Pot, which basically is everything you need in one pot – concealer for face and eyes, and setting/illuminating powder, all in a travel friendly sized pot. The second is a day palette with a warm-hued eye shadows, highlighter, and cheek colour. Add to basket… Having said that, I’ll no doubt get a fabulous tan whilst I’m away, and never need any make-up at all #overprepared

There are tonnes of other stocking fillers available from Laura Mercier too… check them out online or at the Selfridges counter before they get snapped up.

LAURA MERCIER – Undercover pot
LAURA MERCIER – Daring by day eye and cheek colour palette

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