I eat meat and I don’t feel guilty about it, but I’m uneasy. I’m a carnivore, I’m part of a food chain (albeit a bit biased/fake these days) and I’m here today because a distant ancestor hunted to survive. Some people choose not to eat meat for many reasons, and I applaud/respect your choices/intentions, but I just like bacon sarnies too much to give it up, I’m sorry. But I’m not here to be flippant. This is purely and simply about the horrendous wrong that is animal cruelty when it comes to mass farming.

Now, I grant you that I may have been “head in the sand” ignorant for most of my young life about where my fish/meat etc came from; however, thanks to brave people like Jamie Oliver, HFW, and even Gordon Ramsay, I’m not so fucking ignorant anymore.

Now that I know, I can make ethical choices about where I get my meat, milk and eggs etc from, and be “ok” with how those animals get treated/slaughtered. I choose to pay a little extra, to source locally from farmers markets, thereby supporting sustainable and local businesses. I choose free range every time, so I know (to the best of my knowledge) that it’s been ethically reared. If I don’t, then from now on I’m going to sure as hell ask.

In a world of slaughterhouse horrors, inhumanity and over farming/production of meat like this, one can only influence your own choice: it’s your most valuable asset. Read that again. Choice is your most valuable asset

You can get angry at these guys, you can get frustrated and disgusted like I did, but at the end of the day these companies and these practices only happen to keep up with the stupidly high demand,  which is already a self propelled prophecy, and one that’s gaining momentum.

I’m taking myself out of that game, and in the end, that’s ALL I CAN do. I’m being the change I want to see, and I’m involving you in the hope that you might do the same.

Don’t hate these guys for what they are paid by SOMEONE ELSE to do. Just do what you can to make a paradigm shift.

In the end, where else can you begin but with yourself? You are a case study of one. You can get fucked off by the fucktard ignorant fuckwit masses who have their heads deeply deep fried (“does that come with onion rings?”) in the sand, but YOU can’t change the whole world on your own. However, if you get yourself right, then you’ve already taken one giant step in the right direction.

Think inside out. That is all.


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