Lessons in overtaking

Turns out, when you give a bunch of tired, sweaty Dumballers a nice, comfy houseboat with beds, showers and snacks as a afternoon treat, after some spicy driving from Trivandrum to Cochin, they do exactly what you’d expect them to do…

And why shouldn’t they? The driving in India is exhaustingly fun, and requires courage, stupidity, assertive acceleration, a relaxed approach to the “rules” and above all excellent horn skills – long ones for get the Fuck out the way, and short ones like little butterfly kisses to let them know you’re there – but it takes it out of you. 

Despite the terrifying thrill of it all, like blind corners, pot holes, buses, trucks, cars, tuktuks, motorbikes, or cows coming at you head on whilst overtaking a car that’s overtaking a tuktuk, it just works – the views are amazing and they’re all smiling. No one’s beeping out of anger, and everyone just gets to where they need to at their own pace. If this was happening on the M6, there would have been a massive punch up by now. Well done Kerala, fabulous welcome.



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