Turns out driving through Kochin during Wednesday rush-hour works best whilst listening to banging Bhangra beats (thanks Stringer!!)… Works wonders and really gets you into the zone when you need to zip through the traffic like a local… Controlled aggression, that’s the key.

Especially when the incentive is to get the hell out of Kochin and head up and out to the Western Ghats as quick as your Ambassador can take you: the
central mountain region of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Littered with tea plantations and tigers and elephants (apparently). We saw none of the above, except the tea plantations (can’t miss them), but did see plenty of monkeys and smiley Tamil Nudu’ans (is that a word?) waving happily as ever we drove past, plus the Keralan Forest Waterfall… Well… 

I could go on, but I think you’d want to punch me…  




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