U-turn if you want to

It’s 9pm, it’s dark, the traffics mental and our estimated eta at the hotel is 11.30pm*, so what better than making an impromptu u-turn to stop off and visit the 2nd Annual Tamil Nadu balloon festival?  (12th-16th January, get yourselves down there, entry is free and the water is warm). We got a very friendly welcome from the owners of the (2) hot air balloons, a lot of attention and most pleasingly taught the three most important words in the Tamil language (spelling phonetically, obvs): 

wanakum (welcome), 

naaaaandrrri (thank you), and 

Mindum baragah (basically au revoir)

The second one being the most useful to us Dumballers… we’re a very polite culturally sensitive bunch y’know. 

Since we all became famous in the Indian Times yesterday, I can’t help but think everyone in India now knows about the Dumball, and no, they are NOT SHOCKED, in fact they love us, they’re all over us – the Tamil Nadu love a photo shoot, and they love taking 4 shots when one will do, with a flash, even when it’s midday. 

*it wasn’t 11:30pm, Dumball One were fibbing about that – it ended up being 9:55… but what a nice surprise that was… Silly boys, lovely boys…  




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