Odd things we’ve seen on mopeds, part 1

A live goat

A bed frame 

The kitchen sink

A small child falling out 

3 CRT televisions

Six people

Panes of glass 

Their entire tiffin business (pans pots etc)

A 10 foot scythe

Vegetation galore

Three bed frames

A toddler on an iPad 

A lady breastfeeding

Approx 200 plastic buckets and pots, stacked up

A fish market 

A budgie smuggler (man with two budgerigars in a cage)

Shitloads of very long medal rods, (too long, way too long)

A huge amount of grass, so much so it made it look like they were riding a bush, and it was wonderful 

Two men and a sheep

Lunch… Big pot of rice and some curry

An office wheelie chair

A ginormous live pig

A spear (and 3 grown men)

2 men driving in an unruly fashion and CARRYING their helmets in their hands 



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