It’s not Sunday, but here’s an early weekly dose of “7-bullet Sunday”, a list of what we’ve experienced and the emotions we’ve had this week:

– playing Uno on our Beach Hut veranda, on an abandoned beach, watching as the sun sets, with reality a distant memory.

– skinny dipping in the Indian ocean every night since we arrived in Goa, loving every minute and marvelling at the phosphorescence.

– a ton of firsts for Denso this week: first pina colada, first bloody mary, first tropical beach… I’m surprised and happy, just wondering why did she not do these things before¿

– realising you have such an amazing group of friends, and so sad they can’t come with you for the next few months.

– most popular quote from the week: “oh my god, wait, what?” Julie Rassat™️. Expect a series.

– most listened to track: David Bowie – Starman.

– getting a fishing boat from Palolem to Galgibag beach, the last secret beach in India, and wondering why on earth didn’t we do this sooner¿



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