We prised ourselves off Palolem beach on Tuesday after an epic Funball, and what a great decision that was. Took a fishing boat to Galgibag, a lesser visited secluded beach down the coast that’s famous for Turtles, sunsets and no people, and the RnR has cranked up to 11.

We managed to bag ourselves a couple of sea-front huts at Namaste Beach Huts, so close to the ocean it sounds like the tides coming into your room. The (first-world) problem with staying at Namaste is that you eat, snooze and be merry, marvel at the pink sunsets each evening and the deserted beach each morning, neglect to make plans for the next day, sleep in beyond check out (which is always too early – a deliberate tactic we feel), sending you into a pleasant spiral of inertia. FML.

For the record, this place is absolutely beautiful. 2,000rps a night (£20) for a double room – more than most but 100% worth it – Satay (the owner) and his staff are friendly, the foods great here, as well as Suraya and Paradise nearby, and you can go several moments without bumping into another soul, except maybe a turtle, or a dolphin, or a Yogi, if you’re lucky.



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