Tinder – better than Google  

Anjuna is reputed to be one of the best places to celebrate a full moon. It made it onto the The 5 Best Full Moon Parties Around The World on t’internet for goodness sake, so Denso and I decided to head north.

That meant 4 buses from Chaudi, the sweatiest.journey.ever, 3 1/2 hrs, and all for the princely sum of £1.20. You learn a thing or two pretty quick – the bus system seems chaotic but impressively regular, you can pass relatively unnoticed on these buses if you blend in and cover up (we’re pale, we were hot, we got stares), people are very willing to help you navigate the confusion, and you can travel a bloody long way for next to nothing (if you’re willing to sweat half your body weight away).

Arriving in Anjuna in time for sunset, the locals seemed very cagey/blissfully unaware about this “full moon party” lark. Some denying it with a wry smile on their faces, leading us to believe what we’d read: a central government noise pollution ban on loud music between 10pm and 6am has largely curbed the “notorious outdoor party scene”, so if you’re looking for the real party, you need to keep your ear close to the ground and wait for word in Vagator or Anjuna.

We asked. We listened. We got nothing. We did some more google searches with few results and decided to hit Anjuna beach by default (where else would a full moon party be??). A raging full-moon party we did not find, but a gorgeous tree-house style hostel we did, called Tantra

Eventually, we gave up on our search of the full moon party and decided to have our own, celebrating by sampling Coconut and Cashew Feni relaxing in a tree-house: note, avoid the Cashew, it’s like lighter fluid. Blurghhhh.

However, it turns out folks that if you want some local knowledge fast, and if humans aren’t responding, then Tinder’s an excellent resource. No sooner had we matched with Akash, than he was telling us the (most likely) location of the full moon party, plus some advice and insights about the area t’boot. Better than google and bang up to date. And we didn’t even have to go on a date with him. 

Tinder – your new local tour guide. Bingo Bango.



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