Friends Reunited 

So it worked! Best way to get an Indian eTV in Sri Lanka definitely approved, (when you’re applying from within Sri Lanka and you’ve been told the stats are 99% against you) is to get someone with a U.K. IP address to apply on your behalf, and lie (fib/claim innocence) that you haven’t been to any SAARC countries (aka Sri Lanka et al). 

You might also need to remember to book a flight to one of the 12 entry airports that India allows with the eTV, off’ve not getting refused entry at Madurai (failed there), a bit of some panic booking of a new flight for Denso at Colombo airport to fix it, some tremulous au revoirs, leaving your best mate behind with your emergency debit card and 1000 roops, no mobile data access, only sketchy airport wifi, and all fingers and toes crossed that everything will be ok and she won’t get deported… But we got there in the end! I’ll let her fill you in on her side: Caroline Densley blog

After all the kefulffle, we arrived in Varkala this morning about an hour apart, reunited at Shiva Gardens and delivered straight into the heinously hungover bosom of Jack 1%, few… Time for a Kingfisher or two to celebrate – well, it is the King of good times, AND Rich got some splendid news today too, so it’d be terribly rude not to raise a glass to the good fellow! Cheers all! 




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