Reverse Culture Shock

Brilliant! Couldn’t have put it better myself! I’ve been in India for 3 months now, and even going to Sri Lanka for the visa run was enough of a reverse culture shock for me – they don’t even serve chai for god sake! 


Fact:Travelling around the world has never been easier.

These days foreign travellers end up everywhere. A quick look on Instagram will confirm this in an instant, no pun intended. Taking a gap year is a rite of passage for many Western (and increasingly so, Eastern) students. The Aussie bartender, away in the UK has become a cliche. Throughout India you’ll find back bending yoga students of all colours, shapes and sizes. It’s common to see Canucks constantly clicking cameras in exotic locations. And, how is it I ask you, that Kiwis seem to seep out of the cracks of pubs worldwide at the first clap of the Haka every time the All Blacks take the field? Travelling and immersing yourself in a foreign culture is part of the joys of life, but this can make for a hard landing on your arrival home. Reverse culture shock is real, beware!


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