I dream of Idris Elba, and a new series of Luther

Idris Elba asked me a question – What do you want to be when you grow up? (It’s a video, you can watch it…)

Today of all days, that’s a great question to ask yourself.  Have a think about what you’re doing now.  What’s your dream now?  Doesn’t have to be your job, it could just be as simple as a hobby, or that you dream of waking up next to Idris watching the new series of Luther (*holds hands up*).

Ok I admit, that’s a big hippy question for a Monday morning, but it doesn’t have to be such a big deal.  Maybe you’re already living your dream (you lucky bastard), maybe you know what it is and you’re making in-roads towards it, or maybe like most of us you have no idea, or no time to have an idea anyway. 

I’m learning that order to grow you sometimes have to prune parts of you away; to be able to see the woods for the trees (#clairetong) you need to remove the obstacles that are getting in your way, like a state of mind, a facade, an addiction, a location, your job (this may or may not be my exact list).

Even if today you just remind yourself what you wanted to be when you grew up and smile about it, or sit for 5/10 minutes to contemplate it in a new context then that’s a great start.  I’m a different person at 35 and 11/12ths to the one I was at 7 and a 1/2 who wanted to be either an Astronaut, a Vet, a Helicopter Pilot, or as a last resort work for Aardman Animations making Wallace & Gromit come alive – none of those things happened, and I can smile at my younger old self as I prune away, clear the path and continue to figure out what the 35 year old me wants to do when she grows up.

Do something today that you’ll thank yourself for tomorrow.  If in doubt, move towards the people, places and projects that warm your heart, your spirit.  Believe in yourself, your dreams, your visions.  Plant a new seed. 


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