What’s it’s been like being me the last 7 days? 

1. Returning to Pokhara after 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Lumbini, armed with a new outlook on mySelf, and feeling so tirribly hippy.  Namaste.

2. Witnessing a natural phenomenon, a magnificent epic rainbow halo around the sun, hovering above Phewa Lake – nature continues to be “in my face” and I’m continuously blown away by it.

3. Trekking just a wee bit of the Annapurna circuit, in monsoon season, proving that it’s totally possible to do it in trainers #noneofthegear.  The backpacker Hiking Boot vs Trainer debate, done.  The stone in Nepal is simply beautiful – flecks of gold and silver in nearly every rock, and Quartz all over the place, you really get a feeling of walking on jewels and gems.  The fact that some of the paths have had elegant stonework steps built into them, the work that went into making them just beggars belief.  Amazing.

4. Encountering and enjoying the natural hot springs in the jungle of Jhinudanda, juxtaposed so dramatically next to an awe inspiring monsoon-swollen river, thundering it’s way down the valley as the rain came down on top of us – a spot in time not to be forgotten.

5. Witnessing the effects of the Nepal Monsoon season on the trails as we walked – some parts completely, and freshly, torn away – a sobering reminder of the earthquake that hit Kathmandu, a very real threat of danger, and the Asian approach to health and safety.  Also seeing first hand the rice farmers who hand-harvest their paddy fields by hand, bent over double and calf deep in the muddy waters, just a short distance from the trek routes, and finding a new appreciation for who and how such a basic food staple actually makes it to our shops. 

6. Still reeling from the EU result and the ensuing fall-out, trying my best to keep up from abroad and to make sense of it all, amidst the very loaded reaction and coverage.  Thank you Michael Dougon.  

7. My thoughts turn to home and loved ones as the Cabaddy due date approaches. Buckle up world, this ones gonna be a great one! 



One thought on “7-Bullet Sunday: Day 178

  1. Oh my gosh, so many cerebral experiences! We are so much enjoying it alongside you with your blog, it is a total pleasure. Love love love. Mama

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