We can’t survive without oxygen, simples, and our biggest fear/threat therefore is dying, or more specifically not being able to breathe.  

Biologically & physiologically, Oxygen is very detoxifying.  We all only use about 15% of our full capacity on a daily basis, and it’s been proven that disease cannot survive in highly oxygenated environments.  

Oxygen is basically the best health gift you can give yourself…  If you do but one thing today, breathe slowly and deeply…  

When we learn to control our breath, and more importantly hold empty with control, we suspend our consciousness, taking us into realms we normally can’t access. We gain more ways to tangibly feel our consciousness kick and scream!

To help you do that, I’ll detail some basic Prana Yama techniques in the next blog for you all to try.  For now, here’s some science about… (cue dramatic X Factor-esque intro…) 


From Oxygen, Life & Health Magazine 

“The most vital element on earth is oxygen. Without it human life could simply not exist.  Humans can live weeks without water and go without food for months but without oxygen, life could only carry on for a matter of moments.


No other element in the composition of the human body needs to be replaced on a second-by-second, minute-by-minute basis in order to keep the body functioning except oxygen.”

Ninety-percent (90%) of the body’s “life-energy” is created by oxygen.  All functions of the body are regulated by oxygen:

• All cellular metabolism requires oxygen

• Our eliminative processes work to rid our bodies of waste and toxins thanks largely to oxygen

• The functions of our brains require an abundance of oxygen for the abilities to think, feel and act

• Circulation of the fluids in the body

• Metabolic functions, assimilation, digestion and elimination

• Oxygen helps purify the blood and boosts the immune system

• Oxygen is our natural defense against all disease

• Oxygen has a calming and stabilizing effect on the nervous system

Oxidation occurs at the cellular level of the body.  It is part of that vital and complex process by which the body chemically converts nutrients into energy, and by which the body rids itself of toxins and other harmful materials. Without sufficiently high levels of oxygen (via oxygenation), oxidation cannot take place.  Without oxidation, metabolic function and therefore life itself ceases.

Oxygen is required for the four basic components needed for our physical body:

Proteins, Carbohydrates, Water and Energy

1. Protein = Nitrogen + Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen 

2. Carbohydrates = Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen 

3. Water = Hydrogen + Oxygen 

4. Energy = Oxygen + Carbohydrates 

Scientists are now discovering the fact that low levels of oxygen in the human body can disrupt the body’s ability to function correctly, severely cripple the immune system, open the floodgates of illnesses and disease and instigate premature aging.  

Deep breathing supplies the body with an abundance of oxygen!

Doctors now believe that the symptoms of chronic oxygen deficiencies in the human body begin initially with overall body weakness, fatigue and infection and progress later to chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease and so on.

Along with the oxygen depletion in the atmosphere these days, doctors point out that junk food is low in oxygen content and high in toxic preservatives.  Eating junk food or chemically processed foods on a regular basis forces the body to use up more of its precious oxygen reserves than usual in order to oxidize the preservatives and metabolize the few nutrients left.  Other oxygen robbing foods include processed white sugar and flour, caffeine-loaded drinks.

Physical and emotional stress also robs the body of large amounts of oxygen. 

Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency:

• Overall bodily weakness​​​​. 

• Muscle aches

• Depression​​​​​​ 

• Dizziness

• Irritability​​​​​​ 

• Fatigue

• Memory loss​​​​​​ 

• Irrational behaviour

• Circulation problems​​​​​

• Poor digestion

• Acid stomach​​​​​​

• Low immune system

• Bronchial problems

• Bacterial, viral & parasitic infections


“Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body’s cells by oxygen-deficient cell respiration.”  Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize for Cancer Research


“Simply put, disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins.” Dr. Albert Wahl


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