Getting to knowww youuu….



I realised after filming this that I was making myself anxious because I was feeling a craving.  A craving for the clicks, the synchronicities, the magical treasure hunt.  Being alone in Peru I suddenly lost that connection, and now I realise it was the craving for that feeling that was what was making me feel so lost, small, alone and anxious.  I know I get stuck in my head and over-think things, but in the simplicity is the truth:  realizing this, all I really had to do was re-remember to Let Go of the craving, to see things as they really were, not how I wanted them to be, to move with ease, to free my mind and to allow my South American adventure to unfold.

Feeling lost, small and very down in Cusco. Looking for happiness outside of me, remembering that it comes from within.

Happiness, liberation, maturity are all possible once we accept who we are. We have to reach some kind of agreement with ourselves as to who we really are, and accept our thinking, whether it be good or bad.  Whatever thoughts which may arise are allowed to flow through us with no judgment, and without trying to suppress them.

When we try hide or avoid feeling those denser feelings, they get chucked into a rubbish bag, branded as “bad feelings I don’t want to feel”.  At some point that bag can/will explode (and can even lead to mental illness).

Instead, we can be mindful of, recognize, work with and transform what is “negative” – the power of the tiger or monkey mind put to good use to know thyself, and to free your mind.


3 thoughts on “Getting to knowww youuu….

  1. Oh, poppet. I think a little of a reminder of home (in the form of Boldica no less!) after 9 months on your own is gonna leave anyone feeling like that. But you’ve had a little rummage in the Huge Bag of Worries ( and found that most of them don’t matter, with your new Zen like brain skills. Hope you’ve got your mojo back x (PS Rainbow mountain looks AMAZING!)

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    1. My zen skills deffo got my mojo back – It was actually probably the biggest and best learning experience I’ve had to go through so far – made me feel like everything I’ve learnt came into play… Even makes me think I might be one step closer to being steady and ready for facing “reality”, possibly even home!


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