What’s it all about?

This Way Up is brought to you by me, Jess Holliday.  So what’s my story?  And why should you care? 

In 2015 for many reasons I started to reflect on where I was in life, and in terms of my career an overwhelming feeling started to build that, whilst I loved my job and colleagues, there was something else out there more fulfilling, I just had to go find it. 

In 2016, I took the brave decision to chuck in the London life, leave all of my Stuff, my flat, my dear dear family & my beloved friends to go in search of inspiration.  

My adventure began in January ’16, and has taken me on a journey of introspection in India & Nepal, transcendence in Guatemala, transformation in nature in South America, and back to India for more.  

On my way, I’m learning to sit back, shut up and observe, to follow my curiosity and see where the adventure takes me.  Who knows what tomorrow brings?   I’m not trying and control it – I’m just letting go, because that’s when the fun starts.
Why am I doing it?   To exercise my creative, communicative muscle whilst travelling the World because that’s rather fun, and blogging about adventures around the globe is always going to be more exciting than blogging about adventures in Oval (even if it is almost Zone 1).  

I’m not here to convince you of anything, just to share my thoughts with you.  Maybe some of it will resonate or inspire you, or maybe just show the people who already think like me that they are not alone. 

Namaste.  Be Successful, Be Happy.  Gracias xx 🕉

2 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Hi Jess, grateful and humbled for you and the team to have stumbled across our little venture in Malin Head.
    I am getting better at making connections as here I am responding to you. Let’s keep in touch and who knows where our paths will meet again. Wil aka seaweed man

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